Chic Ways to Style Fashion Art Prints | FILM NOIR

October 13 2017 – Megan Knight

Recoveted-Fashion Art Prints-Film Noir

Recoveted-Fashion Art Prints-Film Noir

Our "Film Noir" fashion art print is sure to add a dash of drama to your decor. Check out some inspirational ideas on how to style chic canvas wall art. 

Glam Office Decor - Film Noir Fashion Art Print - Recoveted
Add an element of glamour to your office decor by hanging stylish wall art in the space above your desk (photo via

Chanel Fashion Art Prints - Recoveted
Adorn your bedroom walls with fashionable art prints to add an elegant touch to a cozy space.

Recoveted - Fashion Art Prints - Film Noir
This art print looks gorgeous when coupled with a dark wall for an ultra dramatic effect. 

Recoveted - Fashion Art Prints - Film Noir Gallery Wall
The neutrality of the gray and black shades in this "Film Noir" art print effortlessly accent other pieces of wall art, while complementing any wall color (like the cool blue hue pictured here).

Recoveted - Fashion Art Print - Film Noir
Fashion books make the perfect home accessories and look great when paired with a piece of stylish wall decor. 

Recoveted - Fashion Art Prints
Take your plain walls from drab to fab by dressing them up with stunning fashion wall art!

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